5 Amazing Perks of Our Haven Gift Cards

Here are a few ways to enjoy these digital delights

Our Haven
2 min readMay 24, 2023
Source: Our Haven media

In this fast-paced digital world, gift cards have become the ultimate go-to option for sending the perfect gift. And when it comes to standing out from the crowd, Our Haven gift cards take the cake!

Here are five amazing reasons why you should get a gift card from Our Haven:

1. Personal Touch:

Our Haven gift cards can be personalized with heartfelt messages, cute pictures, or goofy videos, making the gift extra special and memorable.

2. Instant Gratification:

With just a few clicks, Our Haven gift cards can be purchased and sent instantly, eliminating the need for last-minute gift shopping and delivery worries.

3. Payment Convenience:

Our Haven gift cards can be conveniently purchased using the secure payment partner, Thepeer, eliminating the hassle of cash or physical gift cards.

Source: Our Haven media

And the best part is, if you have an account with any of their current partners, you can pay right away without the need to go through the hassle of penning down your card or bank details! Quick and easy!

4. Freedom to Choose:

Our Haven gift cards give recipients the freedom to choose when and how to use their gift, allowing them to select the perfect time and experience that suits them best.

5. Earth-Friendly Vibes:

Since Our Haven gift cards prioritise the digital option, they help reduce paper waste. This eco-friendly trait makes them a thoughtful choice for both the recipient and the environment.

All in all, Our Haven gift cards make for a unique and memorable gift to your loved ones in Abuja far and near. And thanks to the app integration with ThePeer wallet, gifting got all the more seamless.

Snag your gift card through Thepeer wallet today over on Our Haven (available on iOS and Android).

Source: Our Haven X Thepeer media

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