Food! A Love Language from Our Haven

Our Haven
2 min readFeb 7, 2023


For us at Our Haven, food has always been more than a necessity. Every meal is an experience for us, and we want nothing less for you, our beloved consumers. And as we like to say, we’re always cooking something! Yes, well both literally and figuratively and this time we’ve done it again.

Food is a love language and it’s written on gift cards!

The Our Haven team, after much thought, has come up with the unique idea of gift cards, which will help you speak this love effortlessly to your loved ones. These special gift cards are cash units you get to determine their financial worth from ₦2,000 — ₦50,000. With these cards, whoever you send it to, gets to go to our app and enjoy the worth of their gift card on any of our services.

There is more! Yes, our gift card feature immediately goes live and has come to stay. What this means?, is that you can always share units to your loved ones even after this valentine anytime you think of them. Making your life easier and those around you is what we love doing and we’re here for all of it!

We’re live now! Hurry, visit our app, and let’s get giving!