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4 min readDec 16, 2022


The relationship between seeing a movie and eating is an age-long tradition that we may not exactly know the origin of, but we have come to accept and love. The list goes on, from popcorn to finger foods when it is allowed in the cinema. It has kept evolving and graduated to full-blown meals; of course, no one is complaining. That is definitely not what we’re doing here.

When it suddenly stopped being a conscious action, nobody had an idea, but a good number of our generation today, cannot eat their meals without a movie in the background. We have it on good authority (don’t ask) that you literally let your food go cold while waiting to find the right movie. But hey, no judgment, today we’re asking the question of why. Why did it stop being a complementary action and become a necessity to watch a movie while eating?

Does it make the Food Taste Better?

Research has shown that giving your food undivided attention lets you savour every flavour and not miss any detail. Like every other experience that, when given undivided attention, intensifies the experience, the same goes for eating. See it as an adventure, as every bite gives you a burst of climax. Well, let’s hope your food tastes nice, right? Well, if it doesn’t, no wonder you need a distraction.

Well, Here is Why you Like it

So we all like to feel good. You like the rush of emotions, and you like to feel happy. Carrying out any activity that we love all have a common denominator which is how your brain releases the feel-good hormone known as dopamine. The same happens when you combine two things you love, such as eating and watching a movie. It’s like getting two shots at once, so who wouldn’t want to experience that?

So you think, why not! Here’s why you do it

The experience is as exciting as it is tricky because it really doesn’t take you any brain power to eat. What this means is that you can easily focus your brain power on something else while eating. Now for people who don’t like to eat, it is an easy way to take your mind off the process. To put it quite simply, get over with it by focusing on something else.

What else would you rather focus on? Easy a movie! The distraction also works if you’re having a tough time at work, a bad day, literally anything you want to take your mind off. That’s a safe enough escape, or wouldn’t you agree?

Well, Here’s why you Shouldn’t do it

While a distraction once in a while may not be a bad idea on its own, somewhere down the road, the line becomes blurry. An undeniable reason is that you don’t really get a taste of what you’re eating. It’s more like a routine now. Eating when distracted also means you miss essential brain cues like when you’re full and should stop eating. You just keep going on and on.

When left to develop into a habit, these effortless actions can also lead to the growth of unhealthy eating habits. Habits such as always wanting to munch on something, not being able to eat without a movie, etc. This craving automatically leads to consuming junk food, which is unhealthy and puts your health at risk of illnesses such as obesity.

There you have it!

Whether you were waiting for some big existential reason as to why you do this or some conspiracy theory, we can’t say, but here it is. This is why you do what you do, but we hope you also pay attention to why you shouldn’t do it. We will always be on the side of living the good life, but we still want you to be healthy while at it. We want you to savour your meals, enjoying every bite and feeling good about it!